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Osaki OS-3d Pro Dreamer Massage Chair Review & Guide [2018]

Pros: The best product in history of Osaki company. 3D-OS Pro Dreamer comes with advanced features that rank it on top of everybody’s list. 10 different automatic massage modes, 5 intensity modes and 3 width settings provide 150 different massage modes combined. Pro Dreamer is also one of the best zero gravity chairs for music lovers with its advanced MP3 connectivity module.

Music lovers, attention! Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer is advertised as the best massage chair for music addicts, but is it the right one for you? Find it out in our in-depth review down below!

Where to Buy it and What’s the price?

OS-3D is listed at $3.999 (recommended by manufacturer), but currently there might be a discount promotion with free shipping available which makes it more affordable.Best places to buy is amazon and Costco

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Osaki Massage Chair OS-3D Pro Dreamer Review

Osaki claims OS-3Pro Dreamer offers the most human-like massage of all products company has ever produced. It looks exactly the same as Osaki OS-6000/7200H , but it comes with audio speakers, mechanical foot rollers and 3D massage rollers.Features

Massage technology – Pro Dreamer features completely new enhanced 3D massage rollers, which offer even wider and deeper massage than conventional ones. 3D technology offers variety of massage types with incredible accuracy, from Swedish massage, to the deep shiatsu-style massage. It is equipped with twin rollers, which successfully mimic the feel of human hand and fingers, so it’s almost like having your own massage therapists at your home working for free.

4 different designs – Pro Dreamer comes with 4 designs to choose from (Black, Brown, Cream and Charcoal). There’s nothing extra attractive about them, but it’s a good thing to have variety of different options to fit the style of your apartment.

2 zero gravity positions – Just like its predecessors, Pro Dreamer is a zero gravity massage chair and it offers 2 positions to choose from. Second position lifts the back and reclines it even further, so you can enjoy its full comfort while enjoying your favorite type of massage.

Body scan GPS – It features 3D point navigation system which uses advanced pressure sensor technology to map your back and adjust all the settings for the most accurate and effective massage. 10 years ago users had to adjust everything manually, so whenever someone else used the chair, they had to start adjusting everything all over again.

8 massage programs – Pro Dreamer comes with 8 different pre-programmed massages which include Quick, Full Air, Anti-Stress, Wake-Up, Muscle Relief, Recovery and Music Sync . Combined with 5 intensity levels of rollers and 6 intensity levels of 3D rollers, 3D-OS offers more different massages you could possibly ask for.

Stretching function – Everyone …