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Foreign Exchange - January 2014

First published : December 2013

As there are constant growing concerns with our economic state, MSP Foreign Exchange Services explain how they can be of service during these uncertain times

Foreign Exchange - January 2014

Why you need best advice in these uncertain times

In these difficult days it’s imperative that you have the best possible advice at your disposal, and the need to execute your currency requirement at the most opportune moment has never been more crucial.

MSP Foreign Exchange Services can help both private and business clients achieve the best exchange rates and ensure complete security of funds.


Private Clients

With markets picking up in the UK and abroad you may well be looking to sell and buy overseas property, and if you are back in the market to buy then the current exchange rates are extremely favourable compared to the last few years. We can also take care of your ongoing  running costs or currency mortgage payments.

But it’s not just with property sales and purchases that MSPFX can help. We also offer our bespoke services to assist in your emigration to sunnier climes or immigration to the UK, as well as facilitating business and travel cash to your door.


Business Clients

If you are importing/ exporting goods and/or services then you will almost certainly have currency exposure.

MSP prides itself on working with our corporate clients to help maximise FX opportunity whilst minimizing risk.

We are acutely aware that executing currency deals is not your main core business and therefore sometimes not deemed a main priority, but to deal more effectively can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Take, for example, an importer needing €100k per month to satisfy their order book. By executing that requirement at a rate of say 0.8400 (1.1905 ) rather than 0.8500( 1.1764 ) MSPFX would produce a saving of  GBP 1000 pm, or GBP 12,000 pa.. Worth having don’t you think?

And because of our large volumes of business we will always achieve a better rate than you would get going directly to the market, regardless of your own size of trade.

We work with you, for you. By taking the time to understand your business we will learn how you prefer to operate. We might suggest buying forward to lock in current rates for periods up to 2 years, or look to execute your requirement in tranches to seize prevailing opportunity whilst allowing you to take advantage should the market move further in your favour. MSP provides simple risk-management solutions.

Security of funds is assured as we deal only through FSA regulated providers and your monies are paid to them, and by them.

The past few years have seen a massive rise in volatility as concerns grow over global economic and political instability. Fluctuations in the currency market are constant, blink and you miss it, and with daily global FX turnover now exceeding $5.3 trillion each day, can you afford not to be taking best advice right now?


We look forward to being of assistance soon, so to discuss your specific requirements or ask any questions please email, call 01732 700383 or visit